Thursday, February 9, 2012

I may have reached a new money-saving low!

Okay I know that many of you may think I am weird after reading this post. But I can't not share it because it was such as awesome deal! As many of you know, I am working on a Master's degree at Liberty University right now. I use Amazon to purchase my textbooks so I have an Amazon student prime account (FREE two day shipping on anything Prime eligible!) They also have this fun little program where when you are done with your books you can trade them in for Amazon credit. They give you a little more than if you were to just try to sell your books. But it is only Amazon credit.

So I typically just sell back books and use that money to order books for the next class. But last time I traded in a few extra older books so I got way more than I really needed. I decided to try to use some of my credit for something practical that we spend money on but I hate spending money on. I decided to look up toilet paper. On Amazon. I weirdo right? Or Hermit? But I am so glad I did! See...we are particularly fond of Cottonelle. Problem is that it is not the cheapest brand. But! Toilet paper is just one of those things that you should not cheap out on. Things can get ugly fast.

So I was browsing and found that on Amazon, you can get 4 12-roll packs for $30. With free shipping! Usually a 12 pack is about $10-12 depending on the store and if it is on sale. So I figured what the heck, why not! And this bad boy came today:
 I am sure the UPS man thought we were nuts. Or hermits. But Indy didn't!
 Holy toilet paper! We won't be buying it for a while. But when we do, you better believe I will be Amazon-ing it again! Now if only we had a big pantry....
DIY Thursday will be up in just a bit! Its supah cute and supah easy! Just wanted to share my weirdness with you friends. And possibly inspire you to save $10-15 bucks on the best toilet paper ever!

Weird topic of the week...What is your preference? GO!

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  1. LOL! So i'm just sitting hear thinking of the things that your UPS guy is telling his wife.

    I never would have thought to buy TP online. Thanks for the tip and so glad indy approves;)