Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mom's Birthday Cake

Hey friends! I for once have quite a few little projects that I need to get posted on here! This one, I could not WAIT to show you guys!

We celebrated my sweet momma's birthday on Friday. I was commissioned to make the cake. I have this bad habit of putting lots of effort into cakes that I am being paid for, but then slacking when I make them for the ones that I love. So I decided to make this one a labor of love and part of our gift to her. She has always loved when I did basketweave piping on cakes, but it has been years since I have done it! So when I was planning her cake, I knew I wanted to incorporate that at least on part of it.
 I wanted to fill the basket with something, like maybe fruit or flowers. I settled on hydrangeas because they are one of the prettiest spring plants in my opinion!
 Here is the top view. I decided to mix the blue in for some contrast.
 I had initially planned to make the bottom cake white too, but then I thought it would be really fun to make that lavender. That is actually what inspired the hydrangeas. I could not be more pleased with the way that it turned out!
So one last time, Happy Birthday Mom! I love you and I hope that you enjoyed (and are still enjoying...I made way too much!) your cake!