Thursday, January 12, 2012

DIY Thursday: Decorative Storage

Its DIY Thursday!
Today's project is also all about organization! I am working hard to get my office/craft room all organized and set up now that I am working from home. This project is a fun practical way to store crafting supplies. Head on over to EAD Designs to see how I turned boring, old boxes into cute storage!
Also just a quick little "what we've been up to." This past weekend my hubby and I met my in-laws and some friends in Las Vegas for the weekend. It was so much fun! I did not take a camera, but have a few photos from our phones and I jacked a few that my mother-in-law took! Here is my brother in-law, hubby and I in Caesar's palace.
 My husband is insane and rode the ride that hangs you over the edge of the Stratosphere with my brother-in-law. No way in he** would you ever see me on that! Just the observation deck made me sick.
 Here is our hotel, the Luxor. It was so neat inside! The pyramid shape is is actually super huge!
This is the view from our room. I have never been farther west than Chicago (I know...that is not far west at all) so it was really neat to me to see the red mountains. The photos don't even do it justice, it was breathtaking!
 And then there was this really awesome light canopy on Freemont Street. We went down there for dinner and to sight see one night.
I really wish that we could have stayed longer. It was such a fun little get away but ended too soon. Next time we go, I would really love to see a cirque show, the grand canyon and the pawn shop from Pawn Stars. Some of our friends that were with us were able to be on the show! We flew over the Grand Canyon on the way out and it was probably one of my favorite things about the trip. I would love to go explore it! It was a really amazing time and a welcome break from the monotony. Thanks Mom-in-law and Chris! (This trip was our Christmas gift from them).

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  1. I love the storage boxes! I was thinking just the other day that I could make my own magazine storage boxes out of cereal boxes, but I thought they might be too flimsy. Shipping boxes are such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!