Monday, January 2, 2012

Painting the Living Room

Once I got the vinyl off (see my last post), we moved on to taping and painting. But before I show you that...let's take a look at what the living room was :)

I don't have too many recent pictures of the living room, so I will give you a Halloween throwback. Here is myself and my friend, Emily in front of our off-white walls, with our less than fabulous wall grouping behind us.
 And to give you another angle, here are our minions husbands. I know the lighting is weird, sorry! The days are shorter now!
 And here is a photo from the last post, showing you the mantle wall before the new paint.

 Here are the clean walls, with some of the taping done.
 Now once we started to paint the new color on the walls, we noticed that the top of the mantle was looking a little dirty. So we dug out our white trim paint to paint just the top. Well as you can see in the photo below, the paint that they used was wither a different shade or it was just that dingy from whatever they did with the fireplace that made our walls so funky.

 We ended up totally repainting the mantle. Honestly thought, I am glad that we did because it makes the mantle really pop off of the new tan walls!
 See how crisp and clean it looks? I love it!
Here is the wall color. The lighting is a little weird because I had to take these photos at night. The color is not as peachy as it looks in the pictures. I will try to get some day time pictures to add on here soon!
 I can't get over how much I love the mantle now! It really stands out!
 Here is one daylight photo that I took of the paint down the hallway. I was worried that the darker color would make the hallway feel smaller, but it really doesn't at all. The entire room is so cozy now!
I can't wait to show you all of the other updates that we have made to the room! It really does feel like a different space. Isn't it just such a good feeling when you walk into a room and feel compelled to pause and enjoy it? And you can't help but smile. That is my favorite. I want every room in our home to make me feel that way. Now it is ours. :)

Let's just compare before and after really quickly, shall we?


  1. Looks great! White paint really brightens things up.

  2. There is something about neutrals that makes rooms cozy--your white mantel really stands out with the pretty pale tan walls. You can change out the decor easily with these colors as your backdrop--I really like it!

  3. Isn't it amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do? Your mantel really pops against the warm color of your walls. Very pretty!

  4. Paint is an amazing commodity! I love to paint. Good job.

  5. Your mantle looks wonderful with the new paint!

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