Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Musical Rooms

When we first bought our house, we had to decide which room we were going to use as the guest room and which room we were going to use as the office. There is a big room right next to ours that was painted olive green and a small room across the hall that was tan. Our guest room decor was beachy and as newlyweds...I thought it would be weird to put the guest room adjacent to our room. So that was the choice we went with and what I have shown you on here thus far. A few weeks ago, however, we decided that we wanted to swap the two rooms. We had a can of tan paint in the basement that the old owners left us to paint the guest room. So the hubbs went to walmart and got a paint that he would like for his office and went to town. He did this room in its entirety with very very minimal (I literally mean maybe one or two) suggestions from this decorating control freak. I love the way it has turned out. A MUCH better solution for this room.
He even bought and hung the curtains himself! We had talked about red curtains and he picked really well. I just need to steam out the wrinkles. :) Please don't mind all of the junk on the desk. We still have a few minor things to do in here, but those are very low on our priority list.
The bed used to be here and it took up almost the entire room. It feels ten feet bigger now!
Most of the decorations in this room are from his trip to Israel a few years ago. The theme is travel.
I hope to someday find him an awesome globe and have some ideas for other fun artwork. I'll keep ya posted...but we LOVE it so far! 

By the way...we had our friends Mark and Emily over for dinner the other night and on our way out to a movie fail. we ended up with a redbox we noticed a curb alert down the street. Mark was kind enough to drive past it on the way home and we scored a really nice coffee table for the den for FA-REEEE! It just needs to be painted but its got great bones and is very sturdy. I can't wait to refinish it and show you!

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