Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hey guys! Well I am going to go ahead and declare a FAIL on my part for the month of July. We had so much going on that I just totally bumped the blog down the priority list. I have several really awesome things to share I just haven't had the time to devote to it!

Just a quick recap...I am still on my diet/workout plan. Had a few hiccups but its going well. Maybe I will take an update pic soon!

Mother-in-law came for a visit and we went to Busch Gardens for an overnight trip. We also hit up the safari park/zoo. I'll have to post some pics!

I have had a bajillion side jobs (cakes, stationery, etc) in addition to class and other commitments.

And we just went to King's Dominion with some really good friends for the day to wrap it all up on Sunday.

It was a really good month. Lots of spending time with friends and family and enjoying summer. Hopefully once things start to settle a bit I will be a better blogger. Be on the lookout. I will try to update with some fun crafty things soon! :)

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