Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fabulous Friday #6: Message Plate!

Welcome to the 6th Fabulous Friday! We had a great turnout last week! Tell your friends to link up this week!

Today I have a super easy, super cute, super functional tutorial for you guys! I don't know about you, but I am a lister. I forget things really easily, so I always try to write them down. Whether it be messages to my husband, or more often messages to myself, I leave lots of messages. So when I saw these cute little vinyl stickers at EAD Designs, I HAD to have them! (CLICK HERE to see them and get your own!) For those of you that are newer here, I made a gift for a friend using one of there HERE. When I ordered the first one, I actually ordered 5! I love them and they are such a cute/easy gift idea! But I had been reserving a couple for myself.

At TJ Maxx about 3 months ago, I got this cute little rectangle shaped plate on clearance for $1.99. I have been holding onto it for quite a while. The other week when I was cleaning out my girl room, I decided that I was going to use this plate for my message plate.
 The only issue was that the decal was a little bit big for the small plate. I loved the little swirl under it, but it just was too much for this smaller plate.
So I cut it off!
Next, you simply peel off the backing, leaving you with your vinyl on the transfer paper.
It will be a little sticky. Place it where you want it on the plate. I centered mine at the top.
If you order from EAD, they will send you a popsicle stick like this. But you really could use just about anything like this (penny, credit card, etc). You want to use this to rub on the vinyl until it looks lighter, this means it is pulling away from the transfer paper and sticking to the surface, much like a temporary tattoo.
Once you are sure that it is stuck on there (you can check a small corner if you are not sure), carefully peel the transfer paper off of the plate (or wall, or whatever you are sticking the vinyl to).
It should look a little somethin like this! I think it is soooo cute! Now I just need a cute dry-erase pen to write on it with!
Okay, friends! Let's see what you've got! Please don't forget to grab my button so that your friends can join too!


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  6. What a great project! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I really like this message board. It would make for a fun gift as well! Thanks for sharing this @ Show & Share! I am so happy that you did!