Friday, March 9, 2012

A Challenge

Hey friends!

So sorry for the lack of posting lately. It is finals week for the class that I am in and I have been really sick this week, thus no crafting or DIY-ing has been done.

In my absence, I wanted to share something with you all that I truly think you should read. My husband is a brilliant man and an amazing writer, and he shares his thoughts on his own blog. The post that he wrote today has really challenged me and I know others have found it very insightful. You should go and read it! Here is a link:

I promise...let me get back to good health and submit this research paper that is due in 1.5 hours (yikes!) and I will have fun posts to share! LOVE you guys!

1 comment:

  1. hope you are feeling better soon

    WOW what a powerful message your hubby wrote!!
    loving and forgiving others is a daily battle for me. thank him for his encouraging words :)