Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Big Reveal!: Girl Room

Here she is, friends. The room that I have been dying to show you for weeks! You may remember this room from this previous post. For the most part, it's done! There are some minor accessory projects left to do, but this is the overall look! Here's the view of the main part of the room. Skirt to hide junk: forthcoming. You can see the table process by clicking here.
Recognize that lovely chalkboard? :) You can see how I did it here.
Or this lovely chair? :) Which you can see here.

I picked up that cute mirror while I was working at Victoria's Secret. And the pencil/scissors cup, I wrapped a leftover strip of my lovely chair fabric around a Hunt's Spaghetti sauce can!! Free and adorable!
And my precious has a home. Now maybe I will be able to use it more!
This is the other chair, waiting its turn for beautification. For now, I draped the leftover fabric over it to make it look more cohesive. And one of my fun pillows that I have been storing.
Recognize that medicine cabinet? You can see how I made it so cute here.

 Yeah, I know the frames are crooked :) I got annoyed with them and decided to just leave them. Who cares right? I'll probably move them anyway.
 I love, love LOVE! our flooring. Its phenomenal, really.

The cork board I already owned. So it was free!

Here it is! All finished! Well, for now. You know me, I have projects up my sleeve. But its totally a cute and functional space that I can use and I don't feel a rush to make any changes just yet. I walk in there and feel so happy! Not pictured: my workout equipment hiding behind the door. I need to get off of here and put that stuff to use! ;)


  1. It's so cute! I'm still dying over that black and white chair you redid. Congrats on the new space!

  2. Very inspiring work area! I love the chair!

  3. Found you at FOTF. I'm your newest follower! This is awesome design! I'd love for you to share it on my Tuesday Link Up Party!

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    Tuesday Time Out Link Up Party
    Link up Your Weekly Parties Here

  4. the girl cave! i love it! wish i had space for a craft room!

  5. Um, yeah! I am in love with the flooring and the colors you chose are amazing! I am going to revamp our loft and claim it as my own and I am looking for ideas. Thanks for some inspiration!

    Kim @ Too Much Time

  6. Awesome! I would love a place like that to sew.

  7. Oh I love the blue soooo much!! Looks fabulous!

  8. What a great space! I LOVE the color on the walls! This would be great to link up to my party too.


  9. Hi Katie! Oh, I am super jealous of your girl cave and that you can have your sewing machine sitting out! I have to haul mine down from an upstairs closet. Which means, I don't do sewing projects unless I'm desperate! LOL! It is all looking just fantastic and we are so glad you shared it with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

  10. Wow! That looks great! I also LOVE the floor! Happy Crafting! :) Thanks for linking to Thrifty Thursday!

  11. turned out so great!! I'm jealous :)

    Thanks for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday!

  12. Found you at Thifty Decor Chick and this room looks great... I need a girl room or even a corner to set up all my tools. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Very pretty! I love the wall color - it's so pretty with the black. You have inspired my to work on my office/craft room. :)

  14. Really beautiful....hope it brings you much joy every time you enter!!!!

  15. I'm so jealous! I want a girl cave SO bad!! Maybe one day. This turned out so cute!!


  16. Wow-love your Girl Cave! I just carved out a Mom Cave of my own-isn't it the best!! Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!!

  17. I am totally jealous!! This is awesome!!

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