Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chalkboard Frame!

Did'jya notice the new look? The new Background? The new header? I LOVE it! I decided yesterday that I was tired of the dark, wintry look and I needed to freshen things up a bit! So I gave the blog a makeover! Its like a whole new blog. And I luuuurrve it!

Ah, yes. The reason for this post :). So, I have been wanting to make a chalkboard for the girl cave for a while now. A few weeks ago, the lovely Amanda Carver of Amanda Carver Designs (who happens to share my hometown) tipped me off that a local estate store had a pile of giant frames for $5 each! I procrastinated in going to look at them but fortunately when I got there, there was still a huge pile of these babies!

I took the glass and the photo out of the frame. I still have the picture....anyone want it? It really doesn't mesh with our decor...
I had my hesitations about chalkboarding glass. I just knew it would scratch when you wrote on it. And I had fears about the glass shattering. But I really wanted it done in time for my Expo on Sunday (the next day) so I went ahead and did it. And it seemed like all was well! yesthatwasforeshadowing...
We (little seester and I) painted the frame white. We were initially going to do two coats, but i kinda sorta fell in love with the distressed look of the gold showing through. So we stopped at one.
 By the way, I really like the way it looks against the girl room walls. :) That's where it will live. I may do some empty frames like this too. Because I really like the look. We will see!
 I liked it so much that I made seester hold it up for me to see. I was trying to decide about the second coat people! Not forcing under-aged girls to hold things against the wall for hours...okay maybe it was only minutes. Whatever. Here's your five minutes of fame little seester!
 Love the gold edges. and i don't even like gold!
So we put it back together in a slightly ghetto way and I gave it the initial rub-down of chalk. LOVE it! Its going to look fabulous hung up!
And here she is with all of my Expo stuff the night before. 
Now to address that foreshadowing....She held up great all through the event. and as I was lugging all my crap to my car I let the corner of the frame bump the car. and you guessed it. BIG. FAT. CRACK. right down the center of my lovely. So I need to cut something to the same size and re-chalkboard it. Not a huge deal. but sad nonetheless. I have the cardboard backing. Has anyone tried to chalkboard cardboard? I should probably get plywood or something. At least a thick foam board. Either way, I love it. And I am very tempted to just hang it crack and all until I find time to re-do it. Cuz that's how I roll!


  1. Too funny! I was wondering the same thing about chalkboard on glass! So, at least you know that works! Good luck. Hope your expo goes well.

  2. Glad you to hear you were so successful! And I love the new blog look!!


  3. Wow! I like the chalkboard on the glass idea! I never would have thought it would work on glass... I don't know why but it seems like the paint would smear right off as I would be painting the glass. I am going to try this! Thanks for the fun idea. Love your blog. Found you through craftomaniac. I am your newest follower.

  4. You can use foam board stuff I think. They selll a big sheet of it at Dollar Tree (my fave place EVER!) for $1! Try that! I'm working on your feature right now :D