Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Half Bath, Half Accessorized!

So, I know I have already showed you guys this space. But I have done a little thrifty accessorizing and I wanted to share it with you! There are still things that I want to do, like fancy up a few of these things in there, maybe some artwork for the walls and install some sort of shades or blinds to the window. Its a ground level window and I will be honest, its intimidating to use it at night. Especially when we have guests over and we are outside. Not very good situation. I have even thought about getting that vinyl glass frosting stuff so that it doesn't block out our light. We shall see. :)

You can't see it here, but I have two ADORABLE little apothecary jars in the window sill. I will try to get a better picture. They probably won't stay there but it seemed like a good place for them for now.

We bought this bucket to hold sand for the sparklers at our wedding. Its just been sitting around the basement for months. Turns out, its the perfect size to hold magazines and extra toilet paper. I have plans to make it a little snazzier in the future, too. But for now its really cute just like it is! And we FINALLY re-hung the toilet paper holder! No more reaching behind you!
This little soap/lotion rack is from Bath and Body works and is one of my favorite scents! Sea Island Cotton. My mom gave it to me forever ago because it didn't match her house. Therefore, it was fa-reeee! Its also nice because we have zero counter space in that bathroom as it is just a pedestal sink.
I got this rug for $3 at Ross the other day. I'll post another picture without the tag. ;) We were still trying to decide if we were keeping it. Its the perfect size for that tiny bathroom and we already own towels in that color. I really love the way that the color pops off of the floor color.
So there you have it. Not my most exciting post ever, but a post nonetheless! Its slowly but surely coming along. I really love how much character this tiny little room in our house has! And its nice to not have to haul upstairs when you have to go!


  1. Love the blue rug with the brown walls! That's always a great combination!

  2. I like the bucket with the magazines and TP in it. Looks great.
    Found you on Whipperberry.

  3. Love your silver bucket- great idea and it fits perfectly in your bathroom! Thanks for sharing at FNF! :)

  4. Nice accents! And I like your wall color... my son painted his room a similar color. Very rich looking.

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