Sunday, April 24, 2011

Basement Reveal Part 4: The Laundry Room

Sorry that it took me so long to share this room! Honestly, I just ended up putting it off. I wanted to wait until the clothes were somewhat picked up and the room looked nice. :) So here is the view from the doorway. Notice the sweet husband laid that and it looks amazing. I love the color! That shelf on the far wall is a work in progress...
 Some towels....just keepin' it real people! :)
 My little cutie from the last post. I love it. I do.
 This is wonderful. Being a woman, almost nothing I own is dryer safe. So this is a must have!
 We have open shelving there to the left that we covered with a shower curtain. Eventually I think we will put doors on it. We have quite a few left over from the way the den used to be. For now, we are totally okay with the curtain. It adds some color to the room! And that patch of drywall to the left is from where we had to take down part of the wall for waterproofing. We will get around to repainting that....
It gets so much natural sunlight. I love it!
So there you have it. Its still a work in progress, but it is so pleasant and enjoyable. Totally functional. Now just over time and with very little money we will tweak it a bit. Honestly, it would be great if we could get it the way that we want using only things that we already have! I would love that! Hopefully I will have an update for you in the coming months. For now, I am just happy that it looks so nice!


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  2. I'm so jealous! you have a REAL laundry room- I have a laundry closet. :(. But, Maybe I'll do something awesome to it to make it cheerier! (Besides finally doing all the laundry!)

  3. Beautiful and spacious! I am laughing at the dry rack--I'm glad I'm not alone. EVERYTHING I own goes on the dry rack. Shrinking clothes is not a good thing. Great job on the laundry room!

  4. I love the idea of a curtain in the laundry room! I need to add one over our shelves to hide the clutter! Also, I am just a little jealous of that HUGE laundry room! Ours is tiny and cramped!

  5. Love this! Am featuring the project on my blog this coming Saturday. Come and take a look!


  6. i love the idea of using a shower curtain to cover up things. may have to try that and give you some linky credit! thanks for the idea!

  7. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog regarding my laundry room reveal! Your laundry room is looking great!! The tile really looks nice and I love all of the natural light!!

    Did you see the laundry room inspiration post I made? There was a basement laundry might find it inspiring!!

  8. I'm a new follower and would love for you to stop and visit my blog...but bare with me I'm moving from MD to NC so my blogging has been lacking a bit...

    I'm so jealous of your laundry room I'm going from a huge room to a laundry closet...I guess that's what happens when you go from a 2400 sq ft house down to 1400...It will definitely be a decorating challenge :-)

  9. What a great laundry room! I have a link party on Mondays and this would be perfect to link up. Here's the link:


  10. Looks the idea of using the curtain!

  11. Great job! Awesome idea to use a curtain!

  12. i'm envious of anyone who has an actual laundry room and yours is adorable...thanks for linking to fridays unfolded!

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