Monday, April 18, 2011

A Table-Turned Custom Desk!

When we started re-doing the basement, I dreamt in my head what I wanted my "girl cave" to look like. The room is an odd shape, so I knew that I wanted to have a long desk that fit right into the end of the room so that I would have plenty of space to craft, etc. However, we did not want to spend much money at all, and were really looking to use what we already had. My dad offered to give me one of his 9 foot long tables that he had in his storage shed. PERFECT! Only problem is that my room is 7 feet wide. So one day dad came over and we laid that bad boy out and measured it to 7 feet.
Once we measured it, we stood the table up and he cut it using a circular saw. And his neat clampy thing. I am glad he did it for me because I had no idea what he was doing. He even bent the metal frame underneath and bolted it back on. Then he rounded the corners and put the rubber pieces back.
I failed majorly at the progress pics for this. So sorry, friends! But here's what I did. I took two cans worth of that WalMart $1 spray paint that I mentioned in my last post here and covered every inch of this bad boy. Now I have my hesitations about painting on laminate because it usually scratches or peels off. But surprisingly, once this dried it is pretty resilient. I had intended to give it a coat of poly but I don't thin that it needs it! Here it is in the girl room now. Another leetle sneak peek! (I plan to post the reveal this week!)
There. That shot doesn't really let you see the full table, but it doesn't let you see the girl room either! ;) I want to show you but I want to show you all at once! And most of it centers around the table. I plan to eventually add fabric to make a skirt for it so that I can hide my junk use that space for storage. Girl room reveal to come in a few days! I can't wait to show you! And then you will be able to see the table too....


  1. How great does that look? SOO smart to use the old table and cut it! I love the color of the room, too. Lookin' good!

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