Monday, December 5, 2011

And just like that....we have a cat!

I want you guys to meet Indy! She is our little Indiana Thanksgiving/Black Friday/my early Birthday present! Isn't she cute?
 The pictures really do not show you how tiny that she is. And this is a week later. The day we got home from Indiana we took her to the vet and they said she is probably about 8 weeks old. Poor little baby had an abscess on her neck and a 105 degree fever. We had to leave her overnight for minor surgery. I took these pictures yesterday though and she is healing up fine!

 And as off yesterday, she absolutely LOVES yarn and wired ribbon. And now her feather-stick toy (totally was not interested until yesterday) and a laser!

 Not sure why she likes the wired ribbon so much. I think it is because it has some spring to it and she can play by herself. I catch her all wound up in it playing by herself, so I started leaving it out for her.

 And for some reason she really likes the fireplace. Why? I don't know.
 Our favorite thing that she does is her stretch. Also, yesterday we played with her for a really long time and noticed another little quirk. When she is playing with us and runs, she makes a little goat noise. Probably the most hilarious and cutest thing ever. Maybe I will post a video sometime. :)
Anyway, I know that was not terribly exciting, but I wanted you to meet our little Indy girl! I am sure she will project crash on a regular basis, so I figured you better meet her while she is still teeny!

I have real projects forthcoming! And Christmas Decorations to share! LOVE you guys!

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