Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas! (Slightly delayed)

Hey friends! I know I am a couple of days behind on my Christmas post, but I did not want to waste precious, fleeting Christmas time editing an uploading photos. So bare with me as I share our Christmas on here! (Warning: tons of photos).

First stop, the upstairs tree. This is a smaller artificial tree in the living room that you can see through the picture window from outside. My sweet older sister just gave us all of the blue and silver decorations this year! She did not need them anymore...free tree! (well the decorations...we already owned the tree)
 Here are night-shots of it. She even gave us this lovely silver tree skirt (which the cat has decided she loves to play with).

 The topper is so cute!
 I just LOVE the glow that it gives off! (Living room walls will be changing soon! but that is another post)
 We hung ornaments from the curtain rod of our picture window and strung white lights around the outside of it.
 These are also following the blue and silver theme. Please ignore the messy pillows and blanket strewn across the couch. They are not always placed just-so! ;)
 On the coffee table we have this lovely bowl that Michael's mom gave us over thanksgiving. We filled it with ornaments and curly ribbon. It helps break up all of the blue and silver.
 Also over Thanksgiving break, Michael's mom got us this fun glittery candle from Kirkland's. I MISS having one of those around here! It is so cute and festive. I wrapped some berries (a Black Friday find at Michaels) into a loop around the bottom and placed my cute little sparkly bird (also a Black Friday Find) next to them. He is blurry because I took these pictures at night to capture the full effect. Don't worry, he will be around for the winter mantle, so you will see more of him! :)
 On the back of the toilet upstairs, I filled our little cloche with extra ornaments. Simple but cute!
 We have Christmas hand towels that I love to put out every year! The snowflake ones will also stay for the rest of winter.
 Aren't they so cute?!
 On the bathroom counter, we have my cute little Precious Moments nativity set (a gift from Michael's mom last Christmas). Someday, when we have a little one, I will put this in their room to teach them the real meaning of Christmas. For now, it is cute in the bathroom!
 Michael and I made Christmas cookies...we still have plenty!
Michael strung lighted garland up the banister from the den. It looks so amazing! I really wish we could leave Christmas lights up all year.
 And he has his little "village" set up on the table downstairs. (I say "village" because this is a new tradition and consists of two buildings and a train track. I need to start marking the years on the bottom of them, one for each Christmas we are married.
 And this...is our tree. *sigh* It is the fluffiest, most amazing tree I have ever purchased. And it smells AMAZING! (It's real...) Michael put at least 4-5 sets of lights (at 100 lights per set) on this bad boy.
 This is down in our den-family room. We hang all of our fun, colorful and sentimental ornaments on here (except the ones from the Kitchen tree). I was such a huge tree that the topper had to go in front of the top instead of on it!
 Michael has a cute little Charlie Brown ornament that blinks and talks.
 And we got this little "New Home" ornament last year from a dear family friend.
 I just LOVE the way that it reflects off of the floor!
 And here is our Christmas Eve family photo. Me, my sweet hubby, and our daughter.
 Isn't she precious? I could just squeeeeeeeze her!
 Here is Michael's stocking after Santa came on Christmas morning.
 Here is little Indy's! Sorry for the poor photo quality, the lighting was weird and we were anxious to get to the presents!
 And my new stocking! Its really actually navy blue to match the other two, but it looks purple in this photo. My hubby is so sweet :)
There you have it. I know, it was a few days late. But I wanted to share our fun decor with you all. I hope that your Christmas was filled with love and family. And remembering how much our heavenly father cares for us.

Gift-wise, this Christmas has spawned a hundred DIY projects that I just can't wait to do/ share! Also, as of January 3rd, my employer is moving me to a work-from-home position. This means that my office/craft room is getting upgraded and organized! I have already started it and can't WAIT to share!

I got an electric sander so that I can finally sand and paint our rescue coffee table in the den. And my hubby gave me paint for the living room! So we will be painting that and possibly adding moulding! (eek! I lurrrrrve moulding!) So many house changes that I can't wait to get started on!

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  1. Merry Christmas ! to you. I am really impressed by your Christmas decoration. Its really looks amazing and attractive. You decorate Christmas tree so beautifully. Your home looks so nice with this decoration.