Thursday, March 17, 2011

Getting ready for Spring!

So...I grabbed this little treasure at Goodwill who knows how long ago and it has been tucked away in our hall closet waiting to become pretty. I only remember that it cost $1 because the tag was still on it.
Yeah, it was kinda ugly. Those old nasty flowers in it were gross. So I jerked them out. Which turned out to be easier than I had thought it would be. Here's what I had. (I left the old foam sense in buying new!)
I had an almost used up can of Krylon spray paint in the basement so i whipped that bad boy out and gave it a few coats. love love love it!
The other reason that I had not done anything with this yet was because I really wanted pretty spring flowers but I was NOT about to pay $10 for fake flowers, I don't care how pretty. So yesterday I was in Michael's and they had these really pretty little clusters 50% off. A total of $3 for them all! And its exactly the colors I have been wanting. Green hydrangeas and pinkish peonies...I love it!
So I shoved really hard and got the little bunch down into the surprisingly good old foam. They fit perfectly!
Now for how to get it on the front door. We have a wreath hook (which I could not locate...I am sure its buried with the Christmas stuff in the basement.) But I am pretty sure that it would have hung this little guy smack in front of our pretty door knocker. Luckily, we had a command hook in the basement! So I stuck that sucker on just below the knocker.
I hung the little arrangement on and there you have it! I beautiful, spring-ready door! 
The flowers smush just a little when I close the door. But I am okay with that! :)
This is really exciting. For the first time in my life I planted bulbs this winter. White tulips and hot pink parrot tulips in memory of my Grandma Tucker (Parrot tulips were one of her favorites). The shoots are finally appearing! I can't wait until they bloom! I will kill the deer if they eat them...
Now off to help hubby work on the basement! :) Oh yeah...did I mention it was in the 70s here today?! On my day off! Hallelujah!!!


  1. What a CUTE idea! Would you be willing to link it to my Thrifty Thursday's?

  2. Thanks! I also really like your decal on the door!

  3. Don't you love getting something cheap and making it look better? Your wall pocket looks so much better with the dark paint and new flowers. Our tulips look like that too, but I can't wait for them to start bloomiing- hopefully soon!

  4. Katie I love this! You are so talented! And I love the welcome on your door. I finally have a storm door, I should do this. I'd love to have you share this at my VIP party today @

  5. don't ya love the almost empty cans of paint that are just right for a small project? love this simple and pretty for spring...thanks for linking up to fridays unfolded!


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  6. This is a great project. The flowers brings life to your door. Love your choice of flowers as well! very spring like!

  7. That looks so great Katie! You totally transformed it and I love the idea of using the Command hook to hang it just below the door knocker. Very clever! It is really lovely and definitely perfect for welcoming Spring. Thanks so much for linking this up to Inspiration Friday and I am trying very hard to not be jealous of your warm temps! :-)

  8. that turned out GREAT!! it's looks beautiful w/ that Welcome sign! would love if you would link up this weekend! :)

  9. This is cute. Love the Welcome sign as well!! I'm sooo ready for spring!!