Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Bathroom is Complete! (for now)

So this little bathroom downstairs has been in limbo for a while. The other night I had the urge to finish putting it together. That little ledge shelf was a Ross purchase for $2 a couple of months ago. I finally gave myself the kick in the butt to hang it. And then I just threw a couple of random objects from around the house to finish it off. Whether or not I will change it, who knows. For now it looks great!

 And then there is the beautiful artwork that I labored over! I really do like it in this room. It adds the bit of visual interest that the room needs.
There are a few very minor things that we still need to do in here, but none of them are super exciting. We need to hang the toilet paper holder and possibly add some moulding. Anyway...everything is starting to come together!


  1. Cute! I love it! I've been so busy recentlyI haven't gotten to read your blog! Big fat frown! I wish I was old enough to drive... then I could actually get some stuff done! It's always like, oh, darn, I need that one more thing. and then you have to wait a week to get it because I can't drive! Sorry for rambling! :P

    Alyssa (live love craft) I have to post as anonymous 'cause blogger hates me.

  2. I love the wall color and the pop of blue! The fleur de lis art is beautiful! Great job!

  3. I hope my little treasure works in there for you! Mama