Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We Rock!

So, the last real post I did was to show you all the lovely mulch that we spread out in front of our house. Well after a lot of hard work...and a little miscalculation as far as how many scoops that we were going to need, I bring you the back yard! We decided after much deliberating that we wanted to go with white river rocks for the back yard in place of the mulch. Here is what we had before:
 It was a little on the rough side. The mulch was faded and old and I needed to pull weeds realllll bad. I pulled weeds for hours before we laid the rocks. It was lots of fun.....
Once we got all of the weeds done, we started to lay the rock. One. Shovel. at. a. time. It took forever. And since we didn't want to buy too much up front, we made three different trips to get the rocks. It also just happened to be a million degrees out and very sunny both days that we worked on this little project! But the after is so much better that it was totally worth it!
 This is the view when you walk out of our basement door.  I personally think it would be fun someday if we added a paver patio from the basement door that ran over to where the rocks are. But who knows if we will ever get around to that. Certainly no time soon. And I think the husband would need more convincing.
 We are thinking that the deck needs to be re-stained or painted. The previous owner must not have let the wood cure properly before he stained it, because the stain has all but worn off and it doesn't look quite right.
 This is the little area between the deck and the house. (where the water pours off of the roof and was making the mulch look terrible) We have had one storm since we put the rocks out and they still look good! And those little solar lights are amazing! They case little star shapes on the rocks and it looks really neat at night. Maybe I will try to get a picture for you guys!

 And this was such a pleasant little surprise! One of the fun things about your first year in a house is that you never know what plants are going to sprout up! I don't even remember seeing plants here last Summer when we bought the house, but these beautiful calla lilies came up! And they are my favorite flowers!
Needless to say, we really love the back yard now. However, I mowed the grass back there for the first time this week and it was not my favorite thing to do!


  1. All the hard work paid off... it looks great!

  2. Love the look of the rock. It looks fantastic. Beautiful yard. Hugs, Marty

  3. It looks great!!!!!! Calla lilies are my favorite flower also. I used them in my wedding.