Friday, June 10, 2011

We Mulched!

We have been in debate for a while about what we wanted to do to replace the dingy, faded old mulch that the previous owners of our house left for us. The great debate has been white rocks, black mulch or red mulch. The other day my hubby just took the plunge and went to Home Depot to get black mulch (which had my vote!). I came home from work one day to freshly laid, lovely black mulch. This was my view when I pulled in!

 I love how fresh it makes our plants look. I am a lover of dark mulch. Always will be!

 It makes our whole front yard look so fresh and crisp. Everything looks so much better!
 Yeah our driveway feels like its getting more and more cracked. We are not sure if it was beforehand and we just didn't realize it or if the winter made it worse. May or may not have to fix that. hm...
Now as for the back yard, we have had a hard time deciding what to do. We have some funky drainage issue with the gutters on the back of our house. (This may have contributed to our leaky basement). Basically, any time that we have a hard rain the water pours over the edge of the gutter and splashes onto the mulch. This washes it away and makes a muddy mess. So we have been contemplating rocks so as to combat this issue. This, however, is its own blog post. I'll fill you in soon!

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  1. Looks great! We have black mulch in our beds too, and I love how crisp they are, but they start to fade kinda quickly. Hopefully yours will hold up better!