Monday, June 27, 2011

De-magnifying the Fridge

Our fridge is really only accessible from one side. The other is up against the pantry. And the front is plastic-y and magnets don't stick well to it. So we always stick them on the side, which you see right when you walk into our door! Well, the problem has spiraled out of control lately. We had this unsightly mess:
 Two notepads, several notes, blockbuster movie codes, a million Liberty Football magnets, another million magnets, a bottle opener magnet, Christmas cards, Thank you notes, a measurement conversion magnet (which really is very handy!) and a neighbor's phone number that is already programmed in my phone! Whew! What a nightmare!

The other day, I had this wild hair that I needed to organize this mess. I took it all off. Then I started putting things back based on what needed to be there, what cold be stored elsewhere, and what could be thrown out. I must say, it looks MUCH better now! :)

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