Monday, May 23, 2011

An AMAZING First Anniversary

Okay friends. Here is what I have been up to! Yesterday was my one year anniversary with my sweet hubby, Michael! :) He is so good to me. He arranged with my boss to get me off of work on Friday and took me on a surprise trip. Thursday I left work and we drove to Charlotte, NC. At this point I had no idea if we were going anywhere else and if so, where it was. We stayed in a hotel and he told me that we had to get up at 3:30AM to go to the airport. I did not know where we were flying literally until he handed me my boarding pass and we were about to get on the plane! The mystery location was New York City! And I am officially in love with this place!

We arrived in NYC at 8ish in the morning. Our hotel wouldn't let us check in yet so we stored our luggage with them and headed into the city. Our first mission was to go to Broadway and get tickets to see this show:
It has Kieffer Sutherland in it and we are HUGE 24/Kieffer fans so obviously we HAD to see it! After we got the tickets we just kinda putzed around and looked into the stores in Times Square. Then we hopped the Subway (which saves you tons of was quite the learning experience!)
 and went back to the hotel for a little nap and a shower. Then we went back to the city and ate at Planet Hollywood before seeing our show! Here I am getting punched by Rocky.
After dinner we saw the show and waited around to meet Kieffer/get his autograph. The crowd was ridiculous so we were only able to snap a few photos of him and Michael reached over the mass to get his autograph on our 24 DVD cover.
Once we got over that crazy experience we decided to see a little of the city at night. We went to Junior's to get a piece of their famous NY Cheesecake and it was AMAZING! Definitely worth the money we spent! :)
Here we are in Times Square after seeing the show!
Once we started to get tired we hopped back on the Subway to start the hour long process of getting back to the hotel. We crashed. After sleeping in pretty late (to make up for the lack thereof from the night before) we showered and headed back in to spend the day in the city. We did LOTS of walking!
We didn't go in here...but we saw it!
Here is the sign for Phantom. I would LOVE to see this someday!
I am fascinated with the M&M's store! We tried on the race jacket:

I LOVE the walls and walls of M&Ms. What a fun place!
We tried to get tickets to this...but they don't film on Saturdays.
We went back to the theater and waited to see Kieffer after the 2pm show on Sat. We got to see him front row but he was really rushed so we didn't get our picture with him :(
A little nostalgia...
At 6pm the police lined the streets of Times Square and drove off with their sirens going. It was weird and kind of creepy. The only thing we can think of is that the time corresponded with the "world ending" deal.

After we flew back to Charlotte...we went to Ikea! Our flight landed at 7:45ish and they didn't open until 10:30. my hubby was sweet enough to wait around (aka nap in the car) with me until they opened since we never get to go!
 We spent a couple of hours there (I will post all of the awesome finds later or tomorrow) and then drove home. Once we got home we just kinda chilled around the house for a while. I made tacos for dinner and then later we ate our wedding cake which watching the Bulls game. This was our actual anniversary day and it was perfect! :) Here is our cute little (un)frozen top tier!

Believe it or was AMAZING! And a whole year later too! It still tasted just like it did that day. And its blackberry wine cake which is my fav. All-in-all it was the best first anniversary I could have asked for. Kudos to my sweet man for making it so special!

PS-sorry the picture quality is not through the roof. We forgot to pack a camera so we were taking them with our Blackberries!

PSS- I can't WAIT to show you what he got me from Ikea! I want to devote a whole post just to it. Its really awesome :) 

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