Tuesday, May 24, 2011


 As promised...here are a few of my favorite things from Ikea aka my wishlist. LOVE this place!

I LOVE this wall grouping of mirrors. And they were not expensive at all. $2.99 each. I may try to locate them cheaper, but that is not bad!
The came in a lot of different colors but I loved the black and white one.

I could totally see this on either end of a sofa console table or on nightstands. They are different and unique and awesome!
This "crystal" chandy was only $40! Someday if we ever have a daughter I want this for her room! I have been wanting to do that forever. The price is not bad at all!
Sorry for the terrible pic. These were also taken with the Bb. I really liked this wrought iron chandy too. I can see it in our dining room someday. I love the one in our current house, but maybe for future homes!
This mirror is so girly and fun. Not sure where I would put it but I really liked its shape.
We already have one of these in black but I ADORED the blue and the white. These will be in my future! Mark my words!
I love these too. I have seen them everywhere. Michael wasn't sold, but I really like it!
The silver candlesticks were AMAZING. I want to try to make some with Goodwill candlesticks and silver paint but I really fell in love with the shape of these ones.
We purchased something that will change the whole look and feel of this wall/maybe even the kitchen. I can't wait to show you! Hubbs put it together for me last night but we need wall anchors to hang it. You will just have to keep posted! ;)
Annnnddd we got these. You have to get these at Ikea. They are amazing!
Hope you are inspired. Go to Ikea! You will not regret it!
Also, anyone that has been recently...do you feel like their couches are softer now than they used to be? We ruled them out when we were hunting because they were notoriously not comfortable at all. And then we sat on them and loved most of them!

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  1. The IKEA in Denver opens JULY 26TH!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so there!! I LOVE IKEA!!! I can't wait!!!