Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Momma's Day!

This post is dedicated to my wonderful Mom, who I love so much. She really has taught me so much in my life about being a woman of God, a wife and a home maker. I wish that everyone in this world were as lucky as I was with a mother. She lost hers when she was eleven years old and still managed to raise us all with an appreciation for family and a bond that means so much. I hope that some day I can be that kind of mother to Michael and I's children and that they will feel about me when they grow up the way that I feel about my own mom. Also, I would like to say that I have been extremely blessed as far as mother-in-laws go too. I have never felt any sort of dislike or angst for her, only love. Its like when I married my husband, I got a new girl friend too. I think its sad that so many women don't get along with their mother-in-law. So God, thanks for my Momma and for my Momma Debbie. I am so blessed.

ANYway! Today I would like to show you what we gave my mom for Mother's Day along with a little how-to lesson.

Here is my work station. Our picnic table on the carport...I put a piece of newsprint down to catch the potting soil from getting all over the table that we eat off of. I got those pots from WalMart....they are terra cotta but are a nice tan/brown color. I really like them and will probably be getting some for us to keep! I have a bag of potting soil that I got from Ollie's for the Herb Garden (if you have an Ollie's near need to start shopping there!)
At Walmart and Lowe's and I am sure anywhere that sells plants...they have these herbs that come in a biodegradable dirt-type pot. I got Mom mint, parsley and basil.
Basically, what you do is fill the pot just over halfway full with dirt. Then I use my fist and make a large indention in the middle. After that, you tear off the bottom of the pot that the plant comes in, break it into pieces, and press the pieces into your crater.
Then you set the plant (still in the top half of its pot) into the hole and press it in firmly. I like to press the top edges of the dirt pot down a bit so that they don't show when I put the rest of the dirt in. Apparently its important to leave it on because it contains nutrients that will help the plant to thrive.
Once you have done this, gently pull your plant to the side and fill around it with more potting soil. Press the soil down firmly, but don't pack it in if that makes sense. Then you just have to thoroughly water your plant and you are good to go!
I decided to put the little plastic label picks that they came with back in because the contain important information about sunlight and watering. Had I been better prepared...I would have whipped up some cute little labeled garden picks. I figure though that she plans to use these on her back porch, so I would have had to come up with something that could withstand the elements. Alas, here are the cutie little plants!

I also had gotten her this ca-uuute little set of wooden blocks that said "FAMILY." Could I have made a set? Probably. But these were adorable, already done and a great price! They look amazing on her mantle!

For wrap, I used plan brown packaging and tied it with a purple satin bow. I love the simple look of wrapping packages like this! Maybe I will start doing that from now on. There is something so classic about it. Am I just weird?
So there you have it. My adorable gift for my wonderful mother and a little FYI session on potting plants. Its sooooo easy. All I did was follow directions. All of this planting gifts for other people makes me really want to start my own container garden! How awesome would it be to have fresh tomatoes all summer long??? One plant would more than pay for itself the way that tomatoes are priced these days! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. I am off to soak in the tub. Our sermon this morning was about making choices to change if you are unhappy with your circumstances. So I made a choice to run this evening after months of...well...not. And my ankles and knees are not happy with me.  Happy Mother's Day, friends! Especially to those of you that this is a first! :)


  1. We just planted a garden an used those awesome biodegradable pots as well :)

    What a great choice you made to start running..make sure you have GREAT running shoes that can make a big difference in how everything feels after!

    Delighted Momma

  2. so cute! i love the idea of giving herb gardens as gifts and i love the pots you used for this one. nothing says spring and summer like fresh snipped herbs. last year i had a grape tomato plant in a pot on my deck.. and we enjoyed fresh tomatoes all summer. i say go for it! :)

    stopping by from the craftomaniac monday party!


  3. Love it!!! I am such a dummy! I featured you a few days ago and fogot to tell you! I am so so sorry!

  4. Love this gift...I am so anxious to plant my herb garden this season! The blocks finish it off well!

  5. Just finding your blog and really like what I'm seeing! I'm going to have to go to WalMart to get some of those pots too! Oh, and where did that cute set of blocks come from? I too could do it myself, but love the look of that one! (especially if the price is good!)

  6. saw you on The Creative Blog and wanted to say hello!

  7. My husband is our gardener :-) I've been wanting him to plant some herbs for me and now he has a how-to. Lovely gift.

    New GFC follower from Skip the Housework.

  8. very pretty! the blocks add such a cute little touch :)

    Thanks for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday!!

  9. That's really pretty. There is nothing like having fresh herbs available...and when potted they are so sweet and stylish!!

  10. brilliant my dear! thanks so much for partying with whipperberry!!

  11. Hi Katie! This is so adorable. We just shared it with our Facebook friends. :)


  12. What a lovely post. So pleased you shared it with us, and am touched by the way you speak about your mother.

  13. Hi katie- Super thoughtful gift! I think I just followed you, but my photo didn't pop up. But when I retry it says i'm already following:0)

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