Thursday, May 12, 2011

Shopping with Purpose!

Friends, I have a totally cute project to share with you! It just may not make it to the blog until tomorrow. See I am going bridesmaid dress shopping with my older sister tonight so the blog will have to wait! I know, I know. I have been a boring poster this week. But I have been crafting! And I DO have a project to share!

However, I want to share something that is very near and dear to my heart with you all in hopes of raising them a bit of support. My family has been touched by cancer many times. My mother lost her Mom to cancer when she was eleven, her uncle to cancer when she was young (not sure about the age). My grandparents have had cancer. And most recently my aunt Jackie who I adore has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a fighter and is doing well, thank you. I know I have mentioned that before and appreciate your prayers. I know my family is not unique. So many families across the country have been touched by this terrible reality. I would say that I don't know anyone that has never had a friend or family member that has been touched by cancer.

Shortly after Jackie was diagnosed, I found this amazing little local gem of a company called Crystals of Hope.
They give a percentage of the proceeds from each sale directly back to cancer research. The owner herself has battled cancer and has an amazing testimony from it. I would love for you all to go and check out their Etsy shop. Here are a few of my absolute favorite pieces! (Click the words above the photos to go directly to the item)

Down's Syndrome Awareness Bracelet - Swarovski Austrian Crystals and Sterling Silver Beads

Melanoma Awareness Bracelet - Swarovski Austrian Crystals and Sterling Silver Beads

Breast Cancer Awareness Watch - Swarovski Austrian Crystals and Sterling Silver Beads

Chunky Pastel Pearl Necklace - Crafted with Pearl Glass Beads, Swarovski Austrian Crystals and Sterling Silver

This last one is my favorite! What a beautiful way to support the awareness and research for these diseases. I just cannot get enough of this company. It is such a unique and beautiful thing. And what a special gift to give that friend that was diagnosed, or to wear and show them that you support them. It just gives me chills! You will probably hear more from me about this sweet company. Please check them out!

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  1. Those are beautiful, I have never heard of this company but will spread word! I acually have a few friends in my life now who have had, or are now facing cancer. I know a friend who lost his mom to melanoma last year after a horrible battle. A friend has been battling non hodgkin's lymphoma and a few believe it or not who have had breast & one starting treatment in 2 days.