Monday, January 10, 2011

Bathroom Shelf Love..or Not.

So yesterday's teaser showed you the shelf above the toilet in our bathroom. I love this shelf. I even loooove this look for it. Just in case you missed it is again!

We changed it for Christmas (sorry I don't have pictures to share!) and since I put away Christmas I have been itching for something different. Enter one of my new FAV decorating items!

The other day I was walking out of our kitchen and a little overwhelmed with the clutter that had accumulated in there since we got home from Indiana. I was grabbing items to throw in the trash and I got a hold of a Barefoot brand Moscato wine bottle. As I was about to tote it outside to the trash, I looked and though to myself "this bottle has a really nice shape. and I like the tint of the glass. Maybe I won't toss it just yet" and put it back on the counter. Here's what this baby looked like, empty mind you.

Well the next day I soaked it in the sink to get the label off. This proved to be a little more frustrating than I thought. But WOW! I think I am in love. (its the little things, ok?) So I looked and it and moved it around the kitchen for days, trying to find its home. My original intentions were to spray paint it white and add it to our living room, but the more that I looked at it, the more I loved it just the way it was! 

SO, when I de-Christmas'ed the bathroom shelf and was looking for something to freshen it up...i knew exactly where my bottle had to go! But by itself it looked very lonesome. So I grabbed a deep brown faux book that we had in the office. It brings the dark chocolate color of the shower curtain into the shelf. I didn't love the symmetrical look so I threw in a little massager that I got on Christmas clearance at Walmart for $1.  Here is what it looks like as of today:

I looooove my bottle. But I do not loooove this look. The bottle stays. No arguments there. But the book does not. Its too large. I am thinking a small dark basket with a few hand towels would do the trick. And eventually my cutie winter hand towels will move on. And our monogram towels will reappear. Any other ideas? I am thinking that the bottle will probably lose its twine "scarf" too but I can't decide. So for now I am living with it and sleeping on it. for days. Until I get inspired. 

Have you ever been on the verge of throwing something out only to discover that you LOVE it? Have you ever had a space that you decorated and thought you would love it...but didn't? Let me know! Goodnight friends!


  1. Thanks for linking up! I am always at a loss with what to do with all those empty wine bottles besides throw them in the recycling bin. I love the direction you are going and can't wait to see your finished shelf!