Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Meet my new friend!

So, as much as I hate it and love to put it off, I actually really hate do enjoy cleaning, once I get into the swing of it. There is something about seeing what was just a nightmare look shiny and fresh....The dilemma is that I hate how much a of a process it is to lug out the cleaning supplies (i.e. locate which room of the house each supply is in, find paper towels, find gloves, find my scrubby, find my cleaning toothbrush, go to the office to find the duster, go back to the kitchen to find the Windex, etc.) It just wears me out. SO by the time that I get everything together, I am just about ready to stop and it makes true cleaning impossible very hard.

So the other day I picked up a little something at Target that I have used before and known about forever but very often overlooked. And I have to confess that I am in LOVE! Meet my new bff:
Yep! Clorox wipes! See that sheen on the counter tops? The hardware? The spice rack? The sink?? The molding?!?! Okay so I got a little carried away. And they are not to replace a good thorough cleaning every once in a while. But they are ah-mazing for day-to-day touch ups! I even used them in the bathroom. And then I went around and wiped the dust off of our doors in each room (who knew dust accumulated there) and all of the trim. I love these little guys. And the fresh scent make me happy. So if you are not the biggest fan of cleaning...or at least the cleaning should go buy some! I got the jumbo bottle for $4.75 at Target. VERY worth the investment. (For all of my other supplies, I bought a dorm shower caddy on clearance at Wally World for $1 and now have them all in one easy place!)

Anyways, sorry that was not the most exciting blog, friends! I have a really cute (!) project that I did last night and can't wait to share. But my computer does not want to upload the photos. So until tomorrow...

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