Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Candle

Happy Sunday, friends! This very well may be the simplest project that I have ever put on here. But its totally worth sharing, just to prove how really simple and inexpensive projects can dress up a room! I love candles. We always have them around. Especially Fall candles. Anything pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, Caramel....okay any fall food smelling candle. The Autumn leaves ones are okay. But I love the ones that smell like good old fashioned Fall comfort food. (We have an apple cider one that I am obsessed with! We burned through it in a couple of weeks. Time for a new one!)

Anyway, back to the project. So at the dollar tree the other day, I picked up this cute-but-simple glass candle holder. I really like the shape of it and for one buck you can't beat that!
And then I stumbled across this candle. Now some pumpkin candles are not-so-great. This one is fabulous! It has just enough cinnamon to make me love it. And the color works really well with our kitchen.
 Here's the hard part! I unwrapped it and plopped it into the candle holder. Brilliant, I know! :)
 And then I decided that was too easy. So I ran down to the craft room and rustled up a piece of twine that I had leftover from another project.
And I tied it around the vase and tied a bow. Its amazing how a little piece of twine can really change the look of something. It totally brings it into Fall and is so much cuter than just a plain orange candle plopped into a glass jar!
You don't have to spend a ton of money to decorate for the seasons. Seriously! Try Goodwill and the dollar store. Or yard sales! People are always trying to get rid of stuff and don't seem to care as much about the profit. There is nothing a little spraypaint can't fix! So far, my entire Fall redecorating has cost a totally of...maybe $10 max!


  1. Sooo pretty..such an awesome simple idea..I Found ya on hop and officially following ya with smiles..I'm Marilyn from and will love for you to stop in sometime...Loving your blog and off to read more :))

  2. Such a simple idea but it looks so nice!

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  3. You had me at, "unwrapped and plopped." Such a brilliant, simple idea that I'll have to use.

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  4. I love twine too! Gonna go follow you now. :)

  5. I could spend all day on your blog! You have another new! Oh yay!!!

  6. Cute idea! Such an easy way to make a candle look pretty! Love it! I am so glad you shared several projects @ Show & Share! Thank you!