Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall Wine Glasses

Good Saturday morning, friends! I am working today, so it's kind of a bummer. I hope you all enjoy your Saturdays for me! I have a really cute/easy project that I have been wanting to do for a while to share with you guys! We have lovely shelves that go up the sides of our kitchen window, which we use to display our wine glasses. I like the look because it is very simple, but is still elegant looking. Not overwhelming or cluttered looking at all (it is easy to make these types of shelves look cluttered).
 But in light of the fall decor slowly taking over our house, I decided that this:
 Was kind of boring. So while at the Dollar Tree the other day, I saw this lovely pick of leaves...for $1! I had to buy them! You can't beat a dollar! And I knew JUST what I wanted to do with them as soon as I saw them. They had options as far as the color and I almost went for a slightly duller bunch, but then I decided that the extreme pop of color would be nice!
I came home and plucked them all off of their branches. And then set myself about distributing them evenly in the wine glasses, thus creating this look:
 For Dollar Tree leaves, they look very natural! I was really happy with the look.
 I did go back and tie twine around the stems of a few of them, but I forgot to take a picture! If I remember, I will share that on here too!
 So here is the window, complete with fall foliage. Just the right amount of color but still relatively unassuming.
I really have to admit, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fall. It never comes to mind as my favorite season when people ask, but its to cozy and wonderful! It makes me happy to be in my house. I love our house. Have you started pulling out your Fall Decor? I would LOVE to see it linked up to Fabulous Friday's linky party!


  1. I really love the look; I was actually scared you were going to take the glasses down and the one thing that kept running through my head was "what if they get broken and she cannot put them back out?!" But I would have never of thought of putting the leaves in the glasses. I love it!

  2. I really like this. It looks really nice.
    ps saw you at Show & Share

  3. That's a great way to bring a bit of fall to your kitchen at a super price! Very cute idea!

  4. Oh thats good. I love a quick and frugal updo! Think I am kidding, check out my post. Ive got so much inspiration from this!

  5. ooo I like this! Stopping by from the Homemaker in Heels party and this looks so great. I have some glasses I could do this with. Thanks for sharing!

  6. So simple, yet so elegant! What a fun way to dress them up! Thanks so much for sharing at Show & Share!

  7. Very cute! i love that it remains simple and elegant with a touch of fall.

  8. Such a cute inexpensive idea! Thanks for sharing.

  9. I like that idea that you add some colorful leaves inside those wine glasses. But aside from it, you can also start engrave those set of wine glasses and add cute designs, quotes, names and etc.

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  10. I like that idea that you add some colorful leaves inside those wine glasses ...