Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meal planning and budget grocery shopping

(I totally want to make this!)
Friends, I am here to tell you that whileilovetodoit you do not have to be a crazy coupon clipper to save a lot of money grocery shopping. The key is to plan out, buy what you can in bulk quanities, buy what is on sale and...this is the most important...stick to your list!

I tried couponing for a bit. And I love to see what I can get and save. But I found that when I was couponing, I was...on average...spending $50 more a week!! How is this possible?! Well, I discovered that I was buying more expensive brands because I had a coupon, rather than buying the brand we usually use, the generic brand, or what is on sale.

Don't get me wrong...there is money to be saved if you coupon right. But I tested my theory a little last night. I sat down and planned out our dinners for the next two weeks. Then, I made a pretty extensive grocery list of things I needed for those meals. I added in lunch food and other necessities and then budgeted $100/week for the groceries.

Off I went to Kroger with a plan to keep it under $200. I went through and first got everything that was on my list. Then I went back through and added a few things that would be nice...some fresh fruit, new makeup, etc. I got to the register and...without any coupons...I only spent $137. And that was well over two weeks worth and a few extras! By just planning what we needed, avoiding things we really didn't need (snacks and sweets) and buying what was on sale and Kroger brand! And usually I like the Kroger brand just as well anyway. 

Moral of the story..I am going ot start planning a menu every paycheck and shopping this way. Less on groceries and less on eating out! You should all do the same!

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  1. My husband and I argue - nicely - about this every time we see a coupon show on tv. He swears that we do better buying store brands and sale items. We also love Kroger and their deals. I guess I'll have to tell him you think he's right. hehehe