Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Stairs for the Carport!

I wish I had taken a picture of these while they were still attached to the house. You can call them stairs...or you may call them a death trap waiting to happen. Whatever you call them, the previous owner of our house incorrectly installed a very steep set of stairs that were dangerous and annoying to climb up and down. You had to focus. I don't like to focus when I am carrying bowls of food to the deck or really anything! The bottom step is removed here (I took this after the fact) but as you can see, they were skinny and steep and it overall bad shape.
 Dad measured and cut new risers and then my hubby and my dad worked the other day to create these babies. Yep. Nice wide treads. Normal heights. No more worrying about falling! Or mountain climbing to get back up!
SO much better. Thanks Dad and Michael! I am a happy girl! :) Now we can safely have our fall cookouts! Did I mention that I am SO ready for fall and football and decorating for fall and apple cider...yeah. I love fall! :)


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  2. These look great! I wish my husband were handy enough to make some stuff around our house. ;)