Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I need to vent!

Okay. I just need the catharsis of writing out my frustration. I feel like Michael and I are constantly going through tests. I know that they will make us stronger and I trust the Lord to provide (and He always does) but the constant stress is so frustrating!

First, all of the drama that we had with the basement 3 months into our new marriage. We are still (and are going to be for quite a while) paying for that one.

There have been various struggles since then, but most of them have hit us within the last month. Our 1 year old John Deere Lawn mower basically blew up. And we lost the receipt. So no warranty. Fail. Fortunately, my dad had one from a flea market that he left us borrow.

Michael's car started stalling (and just plain quit working) 3....almost 4 weeks ago. We have taken it to the Ford dealership and they have given us the runaround. Not called us with updates. Called and said it was done, so we paid for parts and labor only to get it back and it still be broken. $500 later, they still have the car. So for 3.5 weeks we have had to carpool everywhere that we go. Praise the Lord that we got a random bonus last month!

So yesterday, I took Michael to work and ran to get my new parking decal. When I was backing out of my spot, I hit a stop sign and tore up the front right side of my car. Peeled back the bumper, cracked some important looking things inside. I am sure its not going to be a cheap fix. But I am scared to file the claim just yet because if that has to go to the garage, we will be car-less.

So basically, our bonus is gone. I have a part-time job lined up and I am hoping that helps some. Its fun. I will be decorating cakes on the weekends/some evenings. Either way....I am writing to be transparent with you guys, because I love ya.

Please pray for us. That's what we really need. Michael has been such a spiritual leader throughout all of this and never lost his cool or gotten discouraged about money. Kudos to my sweet husband! I just feel like there is a little devilish minion on every corner with his hand out asking for our money. I want to squeeesh them!


Thank you. I apologize if you are asleep right now! I have a fun post coming later today!


  1. Aw, hang in there! I've been MIA all summer due to a stressful summer of our own. It's hard to deal with constant things being thrown at you, especially financially. Finance ones always scare me & make me feel like we're not in control at all. I hate that feeling. Hang in there and try to keep having fun & enjoy each other no matter how stressed you are!

  2. Oh poppit, hope things turn around for you soon. I've been feeling like this for a few years now, it sucks but we just have to try and make the most of whatever situation we find ourselves in.

  3. Try to stay positive. My best advice is this too shall pass. My mom always has told me that and no matter how bad things get, things can always get better. I feel for you...if it makes you feel a little better - I am sitting here getting my "free" pre-paid maintenance on my car...however they found a nail in one tire and the other tire is bald so I need two new tires and an alignment...$ is that free prepaid maintenance?

  4. I'm praying for you guys. That must be a ton to take in!