Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I have love for you guys!

I apologize that I do not have anything exciting or fun to post this evening. But I was sitting here reading over some of my older posts and thinking about my readers. I have not been at this blog thing for a full year quite yet, but I have really grown to love it.

I love the way that blogging has inspired me to constantly use my creativity. Right now, I work in a job where I do not get to express that side of me often. This has given me a cathartic outlet to express myself and I find that invaluable. It has also given me the urge to spend money that should not be spent, but to do so in the most thrifty way possible.

When I first started, I had maybe 3 followers. Now I am at 206 and it just blows me away that 206 of you have committed to reading my rambling and looking at my work! It really does mean a lot to me. And you don't drop me when I go a few weeks without posting. I was most touched at your responses the other week when I vented about our bad luck lately. I felt so encouraged and uplifted. I want you to know that I love hearing from my readers, and you can always email me! I love to pray for people, so please! Send me your prayer requests, comments, chats, whatever! My email is ohhbabydesigns@gmail.com.

And to my local peeps...I feel so blessed when you tell me how you read this all the time or follow me on FB! (I need to make an OhhBaby Designs page!) Most of you have been my people from the start! And many of you ask me to help you with ideas or projects, PLEASE email them to me too! Even if I can't physically help, I can give you ideas!

Anyway, this post was kind of random. I just wanted to tell you guys how much love that I have for you and to thank you for your support! I can't wait to see where this humble little blog goes!


  1. Love right back to ya!!
    ~Jo @ LazyonLoblolly

  2. I'm a relatively new reader (and your newest follower) and totally know what you mean! Come by and visit me if you can (and you'd rock my world if you decided you wanted to follow too!)

    Your blog is lovely :)