Thursday, September 8, 2011

Zoo Trip

I know...this post is like a bajillion months late. Okay maybe not. But still. We took a little trip to the Natural Bridge Safari Park back in July when my mother-in-law visited. I am just now getting around to uploading all of the pictures and wanted to share some of them with you guys! The premise is this: you buy a bucket of food and drive through a terrain filled with exotic animals, which poke their heads into your car and eat the food. It really is fun...and a little traumatizing! ie, the llama eating from our bucket. (The oststrich was the scariest!!!)
 I thought this little shaggy cow was so cute! I just wanted to squeeeeeze him!
 This one was a little will see why...
 Yep. His horns were almost as big as a minivan. That's pretty intense!
 Little camel with one hump. :)
 I really loved the zebras. I wish we could have gotten closer to them. They were so pretty!
And this tiny wildebeast was supah cute! Made me think of Lion king.
These little guys were pretty brave. They came right up to the car to eat out of your hand.
...And they bickered with each other too.
She's smiling!
There was the two-humped camel. There was a long line to feed them so we didn't get close to them either. Apparently they spit!
This guy was probably my favorite. He was very brave! He licked our bucket clean. (by the way, its not a cow. Its a Yak!)
And he made silly faces. I really think this could be on a birthday card or something. Hilarious!
I just loved her little mouth! It made me want to squeeeeeze her!
I'm not sure if these guys were just normal deer. I think they kept those spots (like fawns have) for their whole lives. But I could be wrong...
Another llama in the window. They are so friendly!
And the last part of the park (on our way out) had teeny baby piglets! I usually don't like pigs but these...ohmygosh...they were so small and precious!
Well, at this point you are either thoroughly entertained or bored to tears. But I wanted you all to see! If you are ever in the Natural Bridge, VA area, you should totally do this. Especially if you have kids. They have an entire zoo at the end that you can walk through with really exotic animals. They have tigers and cheetahs and monkeys. Its really cool!

LOVE you guys!

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  1. This was on my to do list this summer - and it didn't get done! I'm so envious of you.