Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Little Rosette Lampshade

You may or may not remember when I revealed the girl room that I stuck a little lampshade on the ceiling but was not sure that it was going to stay there. Here it is in case you forgot.
 Well, truth is...I don't see it getting replaced any time soon. So I got a wild hair to make it cuter at least. So I plucked it down from the ceiling and began thinking about what I could do to spruce it up that would still look cute if I wanted to use it on an actual lamp someday.
 I decided to take some strips of remnant fabric and make a rosette. I happened to have a few vintage buttons floating around too, so I hot glued them all to the lamp shade.

 It was super cute! But one was not enough. So I made a couple of other little ones out of black and white fabric and a little green one. I love the way that they look on here!
And it will still look adorable right side up! This little project took a total of 10 minutes, and really spruced up the shade!
 I like it! Its a little weird looking at night (but still better than it was)
 But during the day it looks amazing!!

And this project, also, was fa-ree! I love free projects! Have you done anything that totally transforms without spending any more lately?


  1. That is cute! I love the flowers on it!

  2. Aaawww, what a lovely special touch to dress up a plain it!

    Deborah ♥♥♥ (visiting happily from
    ...hope you can stop by some time...)

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