Friday, September 30, 2011

Fabulous Friday #5: Easy Artwork!

Welcome to this week's Fabulous Friday!

I have yet another project from my girl room to share this week! The wall that you see to the left when you first enter the room has been naked for a while. And it was really bugging me that it had nothing to give it a little oomph! So I decided to finally do something about it! I happened to have a spare canvas that was the perfect size just sitting around. I have been storing it with intentions of creating artwork for this wall, I just haven't been motivated to do so.
Now to show you how crazy easy it was to create artwork out of it! I simply took skinny artists tape (this is not masking tape or painter's tape, it is specifically to block of parts of canvas. Masking tape would probably work just as well) and made my pattern. I was originally going to do a very asymmetrical crossing pattern. Then, I decided that I would really like a sunburst pattern. So I layed the tape out accordingly. It looked like this:
I considered spraying it with clear gloss, because I kind of liked the white matte against the white gloss. But then I decided that I wanted something more dynamic than that. So I pulled out an old can of black spray paint that I had sitting around and sprayed several coats onto the canvas, making sure to get the edges as well.
Once it was dry enough to handle very carefully, I brought it inside and peeled all of the tape off, revealing this amazing work! The paint bled under the edges of the tape a bit, but I actually kind of like the look! I left it there to finish drying for a few hours.
Here is the naked wall (and myself trying to center the artwork on the wall) It just felt too bare for my taste. I also plan to rearrange a bit on top of the file cabinet. I just kind of threw things on there to make it look finished for now. I still need to finish the cabinet too!
And here she is, hung on the wall! I originally had it the other way, but it looked like the sun rising. While that would be neat, it was not the affect that I was going for!

I really did love the way that it looked. But I just felt like it needed something more. I considered little rosettes to match the lampshade and the decided against it. I had resigned myself to leave it for a while and think on it. Then, I was cleaning stuff out from under my desk and stumbled across the big black silk rose from my hat for my sister's shower.
I stuck it up there with tape to think on it and then decided that I love it! So I went back and hot glued it, to make it official!
Here is the view when you walk into the room now. SO much better! The bare wall is not driving me crazy anymore!
Now...let's see what you guys have done this week!


  1. The artwork is AWESOME! I think the flower is perfect! Good eye ;)Found you through New Friend Fridays and now a follower.

  2. Looks great!

  3. Thank you for inviting us to your link party!! Your artwork looks awesome! Thanks for hosting!
    Brooke @

  4. Very cool idea! Looks surprisingly easy, which means I could even do it. haha :) Thanks for the great idea!

  5. Love how easy it was to create beautiful art. Like the way the stripes go around the sides. The flower was just the right touch. Hugs, Ginger

  6. Great artwork, so fun and looks fabulous! I'm a new follower ... and I linked up too! Have a happy weekend... jules

  7. So simple and yet so fabulous! think I may have to create something for my girls rooms, they have lots of wall Found you via Trendy Treehouse, Follow Me..lovely to meet you :)

  8. Thank you so much for letting me know about your great party!! I linked up a couple projects. Have a great weekend! :)

  9. Thanks for the invite. I am all inked up. I tried to grab your button but I don't think the code is working. Could you email it to me so that I can link back and add it to my party page so that I link up each week. Thanks.

  10. The one in your sidebar works...the one in your post does not. I grabbed it. Thanks.

  11. Thanks for hosting! Great Party!
    (Ditto Judy)

  12. Thanks for inviting me. I have linked up, and am your newest follower. Have a great week.

  13. It looks fabulous. Like a dark sun rising or setting somewhere. :) All that matter is that YOU love it in the end. It turned out great!

  14. Love the sunburst! I am totally inspired to sunburst something!

    I'm following you now :)I'd love if you stopped by my blog sometime when you get a chance.